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Living Online During the Pandemic

Online education: not just a curse?

Written by Amy Scheren All you need to do is scroll through the news, and you will likely see an article or post about it. How will education be affected after months of online teaching due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Teachers and experts are now worried about a new crisis lurking: huge learning gaps, especially…

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Girl eating while using her phone

Craving social interactions

Written by Aileen Roncoroni You know the feeling when you haven’t eaten for a while and start craving food? What if I told you that social isolation causes similar craving in your brain? That’s what neuroscientists in Cambridge recently found. Think of loneliness as hunger: in both cases, you get a brain signal that a…

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Sad teenager looking at her phone at night

Digital health today

Written by Monicah W. Kirathi  At the end of 2019,  a new illness, COVID-19 began affecting people on a worldwide scale. On February  27, 2020, the first confirmed case was reported in the Netherlands.  As the world changed to adhere to new restrictions, the use of  digital technology  became one of many cornerstones,  providing structure to…

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About us

What are we writing about? You interact with digital technology every day, which has great impacts both on your physical and mental health as well as on your social life. Now more than ever, it has an even stronger influence than before due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19. For example, because of mandatory online…

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