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Living Online During the Pandemic

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What are we writing about?

You interact with digital technology every day, which has great impacts both on your physical and mental health as well as on your social life. Now more than ever, it has an even stronger influence than before due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19. For example, because of mandatory online education, you spend so many hours behind a computer screen following classes and doing homework, while socialisation with classmates and interacting with teachers is more difficult. In addition, during spare time, you spend up to more than 6 hours using digital technology, particularly smartphones, whether it is for playing video games, listening to music or contacting friends through social media apps and getting entertained. But do you actually know what the consequences of this boost in living online due to the pandemic could be?

Because of what is called the “third-person effect”, people perceive that others will be more affected by media content than themselves and believe that digital technology does not influence their mood. However, many studies have shown that these effects do exist, even though you may not be aware, that they could be both positive and negative, and may depend on various factors. 

In our blog, we will walk you through the current developments with digital technology use in relation to the pandemic, focusing on the health, social and educational aspects. Our aim is to help you become more aware of what digital technology does to you and provide you with tips on how to best cope with it.

Who are we?

Monicah Kirathi

Monicah Kirathi

Hi, I’m Monicah! I’m an international student from Cyprus, living and studying in the Netherlands.

I’ve always been excited about learning about diseases and other human biological functions, so for my Bachelor’s degree, I studied Human Biology. I’ve also always had an interest in Science Communication. I relish taking part in science events and competitions and I enjoy sharing my knowledge in fun and engaging ways.

Now, you may have heard conversations or debates on the impact of digital technology on society. Maybe you’ve personally experienced some of its effects, positive or negative. Especially now that the pandemic has caused greater digitalisation and created a study/work-from-home culture. Explore our articles, let’s discuss!


Aileen Roncoroni

Aileen Roncoroni

Hi! My name’s Aileen and I come from Italy. After graduating in Biology in Milan, I moved to the Netherlands to study Marine Sciences at Utrecht University.

Since I was a little girl, I loved to swim in the sea and observe marine creatures so I knew that I wanted to become a marine biologist when I grew up. Apart from the ocean, I’m very passionate about communicating science especially to the young generation, to share my knowledge and raise awareness about topics that I really care about.

Just like you, I use a lot of digital technology, especially since the pandemic started, but are we sure of knowing what this excessive use causes us? Let’s learn it together!


Amy Scheren

Amy Scheren

Hi everyone! My name’s Amy and I’m a Dutch Master student at Utrecht University.

I’m following the cardiovascular track of the Biology of Disease Master, so I learn all about the heart and vessels and its diseases. Next to science and research, I’m interested in teaching and telling others about the beauty of biology and the human body. That’s why I’m really excited to write about something we all have to deal with right now during the COVID-19 crisis: the use of digital technology and its effects on our body and mind.

Feel free to take a look at our articles for interesting facts and maybe even helpful tips for your own health and happiness on how to cope with the use of digital technology and online education!