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Solutions to Oceanic Problems

Underwater forests, the solution to ocean acidification

Did you know that there are underwater forests in the ocean? Maybe you felt it on your leg when you went swimming and thought “yuk!” This could have been seaweed that you felt. But these plants are very important to us because they are being used to combat climate change. Nowadays our climate is rapidly…

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Battle against mercury pollution using fake sponges.

Mercury exists in nature at low concentrations. Normally mercury is not harmful, but due to human emission the quantities become harmful. Researchers at the Zhejiang University (China) have developed a fake sponge that can absorb mercury from the oceans.  Where does mercury come from? Long before humans started releasing mercury, there was already mercury present…

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Sacrifice the North Sea to prevent us from drowning?

The beach, the ideal place for a day away. Blowing out in the winter months or a fresh dip in the summer. But for how long can we do that? Global warming is causing sea levels to rise. If we do nothing, a quarter of the Netherlands will be flooded and our coastline will disappear….

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Saving the oceans from plastic pollution

When Boyan Slat went diving in Greece during High School holidays in 2010, he saw more plastic than fish. This concerned him and that’s why he invented a device that should be able to remove plastic from the oceans for his High School end project in 2012. In his first year of college, at age…

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