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Algorithms against Covid-19

On May the 8th, 2020, a study was published from Radboud University on the development of a digital system that can identify Covid-19 by viewing X-rays of patients’ lungs. In addition to a diagnosis from a lab, corona is also visible in X-ray scans of the lungs of patients. In many of the cases this…

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Surgeon Simulator, but better

Virtual Reality, also known as VR, is becoming increasingly popular and accessible. It is mainly known for games and interior design but is also slowly making its appearance in other fields, such as the medical sector. Maybe you have heard of Surgeon Simulator? As soon as you put on the VR goggles in Surgeon Simulator,…

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What do Corona apps do with your data?

Pretty much as soon as the coronavirus pandemic started, it became clear that countries could not handle contact tracing; they did not have the capacity to call all the people that had been in contact with an infected person. In order to apply contact tracing more efficiently, many countries started to develop their own corona…

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Human organs out of a 3D printer

My little brother was born with a heart defect. Fortunately, the doctors quickly found out what the problem was and surgery was enough to safe him. Unfortunately, surgery alone is not always enough. There are people who even need a whole new heart. You probably know someone as well who could even use a whole…

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About us

It is the hypothetical year of 2298 and a man has fallen off his flying bicycle. He had a heart attack and needs immediate medical help. Luckily, the patrolling drones have spotted the incident and raced towards the scene. Immediately, the medical drones perform CPR and a heart transplant. They didn’t use a real heart…

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