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A Gut Feeling

A Gut Feeling – Introducing the Gut Microbiome

If we mention the word ´bacteria´, your first thoughts probably aren´t that positive, since bacteria can cause diseases right? Even though it is true that bacteria can cause certain diseases, some are actually important for your health and are needed for digestion. These bacteria live in your gut and, together with other microbes are therefore referred to as the ‘gut microbiome’. There are actually more bacteria cells in your body than human cells. These bacteria are vital since they help us digest food, protect us against infections, are important for our immune systems, and more.  
Studies are even showing that an unbalanced gut microbiome is linked to diseases such as cancer, auto-immune diseases and mental problems. That is why it is important to know about the gut microbiome, how it works and how to take care of it. In our articles we will show the importance of the gut microbiome humans and other animals, and we discuss the related diseases to hopefully inform and teach you about the importance of the gut microbiome and proper nutrition. So if you want to know how autism is related to your digestive system, or how to keep your gut microbiome healthy keep following this blog! 


Group members

Katarína Balážová 

Hey! I’m Kat. I’m originally from Slovakia, but I’ve lived and studied in Australia and in Scotland. I am currently in my second year of my master’s degree in Biomedicine at the Utrecht University. I’m a big fantasy lover, an avid binge-watcher, and a cancer research enthusiast. I think a lot of people are scared of science and think it’s a complicated subject, but it does not have to be! In my article I will try to explain how cancer can be partially caused by the gut microbiome, so come check out the blog if you want to know more! 

Jiska Vaarwerk 

Hi! My name is Jiska. I was born in I was born in a little town in the east of the Netherlands called Doesburg and have been living in Zeist since 2015. I have been studying Biology at Utrecht University since then. I love nature, photography, reading and being lazy on the couch watching movies. I would love to make more people interested in science, not just because many cool things are being discovered every day, but it’s also essential in everyday life. That is why my article is about how the immune system is related to the gut microbiome. 

Jamie Mulder 

Hi, my name is Jamie and I am currently doing a Master’s in Toxicology. I did a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences at which I learned all about the human body and how disruption of a balance can cause problems for your body. During my studies I developed an interest of informing people about what is going in the Biomedical world and how new research might impact our lives. In my blog I will tell you all about the effects of the gut microbiome on your mental wellbeing and how they interact. If you are curious than check our socials! 

Joëlle Baars

Hello! I’m Joëlle, a Dutch biomedical sciences student, currently doing my masters in Utrecht. I have learned a lot about how the body works in both health and disease. In the past years I realized there is often a barrier between the general public and science, so my goal is to make science accessible for everyone. Science is such a big part of our daily lives, I believe everyone should know how to be informed and make proper decisions on the role of science in their life. In my blog I will write about how the bacteria in our gut can help or bother us when we are trying to stay healthy.