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The development of artificial organs

Organs out of the printer in the fight against diabetes

Scientists from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and Sweden have received a joint grant to work on a new 3D printer. The researchers are building this new printer at the UMC Utrecht. This printer will print pancreatic tissue. Scientists then use this printed tissue to test drugs for diabetes. At the age of twelve Robbert…

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A mini brain with eyes

Written by Tara Wingelaar Growing artificial eyes with your own DNA in a lab. This sounds like an interesting futuristic scenario, but this is already being done in labs. A research team from the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf has recently grown small brains in the laboratory that can also grow eyes. The eye structures…

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How mini-lungs can help us to do research on the coronavirus

Written by Mirte Linthorst Since the beginning of 2020, the coronavirus has gripped the world. Everyone knows someone who has had the coronavirus or has been sick from it themselves. The major impact of the virus also drew a lot of attention from researchers. Vaccines were developed in record time, but other fields of research…

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Artificial organs

The pumping of your blood, digesting your food and breathing in a breath of fresh air: your organs live a busy life. It is therefore not so surprising that they sometimes suffer some damage or can no longer perform their function properly. Fortunately, in such cases we have sufficient medicines, excellent surgeons and an extensive…

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