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Oceans and CO2

Breathing oceans; to be hopeful about climate change

You hear it all the time in the news; climate change is getting worse, we have to act now! Sea level is rising, temperature is warming, what do we do?! The new IPCC report that recently came out again shows we are not doing enough to reduce the effects of climate change. What if I…

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From the oceans to your car

 Will the gasoline in your car be made out of oceanic CO2 in the future? It may sound strange now, but in the future this might be one of the ways we combat climate change and the warming that CO2 causes. Research conducted in 2021 by Straatman and van Sark shows potential to take CO2…

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Seashells inspire a CO2 storage solution

      Each human adds on average 4 kg of CO2 in the seawater per day. This gas impacts oceans by changing their chemistry. It endangers animal species such as the mollusks that build the beautiful shells you are used to seeing during holidays. In this perspective, we need solutions to remove CO2 from…

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Making Large Scale Carbon Storage Viable Under the Ocean

by Michiel van Grootel You learn a lot from your parents. From mannerisms and behaviors, to how to handle problems, your children learn a lot from you too. My mom taught me to think in solutions, and not problems, and that is an approach that is very important to pass on to our kids. Climate…

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Climate change vs. oceans; why the ocean matters

  The news is full of articles about climate change and the effect on humans and earth as we know it. The International Panel for Climate Change (IPCC), a body from the United Nation, came out with a new report gathering current knowledge on the impact of climate change on our planet Earth and life….

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