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Are your melatonin supplements ruining your sleep schedule?

You’ve probably heard or are even using melatonin supplements to help you sleep at night, after all they’re readily available in the apothecary so they must be safe right? Well yes but some more recent studies have shown that we might be asking the wrong question. More relevant questions have recently surfaced. Do we even…

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How to learn while asleep

While the lights are turned OFF, your brain is still ON Allow me to paint you a scene. You’re 30-ish and you’ve been able to scramble together the whole shebang; Lovely partner, kids, a job, some good friends to spend your Friday evenings with, etc. All fun and games, of course, but also a bit…

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This is how your phone (no longer) keeps you awake

By Lukas Graff It seemed perfect: the blue-light filters that suddenly appeared on all computers and smartphones. You press a button in the evening and your screen light takes on an orange hue, so nighttime screen use no longer keeps you from sleeping. But unfortunately, recent American research into the blue light filter on smartphones does…

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How dreaming keeps us sane: The story of nighttime emotional regulation

We all know what it’s like to have a bad sleep: the grumpiness, the fogginess, and the smallest things that feel ever so frustrating. It’s a truly human experience to roll out of bed in a zombie-like state, only to discover that you’re out of coffee. While there’s still no fool-proof solution to a caffeine…

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Welcome to our sleep blog!

We spend approximately a third of our whole lives sleeping. Have you ever wondered why our bodies need to shut down for a few hours every single day? Scientists all over the world have been asking that exact question and have learned quite a lot over the years. Here we will explore the big questions…

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