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Human - Robot Interaction

Discover the world of robots

The ins and outs of recent development in robotics


Members (team 4):

  1. Sacha van Ruiten
  2. Vera Verheijen
  3. Moyke Versluis
  4. Pim Wilms


What do we talk about?

Robots are starting to look more and more like real human beings, but how are they made and how do they fit into our lives? This blog will help you understand everything about the robotic world. How do we build robots with the use of difficult sounding algorithms (don’t worry, we will explain what this is!), but also how do we use them? We will explain and show you how they are currently used; think about robot arms and legs for people who lost their own limbs. But also in big factories, making toothpaste packages, and in the army, sending out drones to retrieve information from the enemy.

Yes, robots are already a big part of our lives and, surprisingly or not, they will get more and more important. That’s why we think it is important to know how they work, what they are used for and how we can use them in the future! Maybe you can built your own!


Who are we?

Sacha van Ruiten

My name is Sacha and for four years I studied physics and astronomy. During those years I realized that explaining what I do to my friends and family can be quite difficult. This made me quite passionate about the importance of proper science communication and started my interest in becoming a good teacher. I think it is important to always keep growing and continue to educate yourself on all kinds of topics, not only science. Two years ago, a few people and I organized a symposium on the importance of mental health with over 300 attendees. It was a great opportunity for me to be able to organize something so big and it was rewarding to contribute to the education of others.

Vera Verheijen

I am Vera, a curious and enthusiastic student who loves to know everything about the human immune system in sickness and in health! I am a scientist during the day and turn into a strong sports woman at night. Whether it is rowing, judo, swimming, soccer or fitness, I love all of them! Another passion of mine is teaching, I am a rowing coach and a biology and chemistry tutor for high school students. Are you curious about science? Feel free to ask me anything!

Moyke Versluis

I am Moyke, a science student who is enthusiastic about stopping disease by changing your food intake. Besides spreading my love for science, I am also a very dedicated sportswoman. I love to play tennis, go for a run or enjoy nature through a long walk. My last goal was to be able to run the half marathon of Leiden, the city I live in. And guess what, I did it! My new goal is to inspire young people to learn more about science and let them know they can do anything they want!

Pim Wilms

I am Pim Wilms, at the moment of writing I am 22 years old, born in 1998. In my spare time I enjoy sports and music. I enjoy both listening and making music with a variety of instruments. Furthermore I pursue a master in education and communication of science in Utrecht, the Netherlands. My master is mainly focused on chemistry, but I also followed some courses in physics within my bachelor program. Combining this knowledge with my general knowledge obtained by my own curiosity, I have lots to write about. My main reason to write for this blog, however, is to supply information that triggers your curiosity. Thus, if you have any questions or request for a topic, feel free to contact me personally!