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What’s on your plate?

Achieving Zen, one bite at a time

There are no winners and losers at being mentally healthy. Every once in a while, we all have our own struggles. Mental health is as personal as your personality. Quite literally. But there are some things that we all have in common that can affect us. We feel happy when we see friends, or terrified…

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Hormonal milk and sneaky sugars

Having acne can be very annoying but figuring out what helps against it may be as well. Some sites say you can fix it with creams or by cleaning the skin every day, others claim that stopping eating chocolate or drinking cola helps. Researcher Frederica Dall’Oglio and her team, in 2021, lined up years of…

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No more meat? Start with bite-sized steps

We now know that eating (too much) meat is bad for the environment. Various political parties, including GroenLinks, D66 and the ChristenUnie, discussed during the parliamentary elections in March 2021 that in order to achieve the government’s climate goals by 2030, our meat consumption must be reduced. Some parties even talked about a “meat tax”,…

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Farming without fields

Perhaps you have already eaten them without knowing it: vegetables that are not grown in the ground, but in a flat. So far there are three large “vertical farms” in the Netherlands. Not somewhere in the countryside, no, they are all in the big cities. A handy invention when you consider that in the future…

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About “what’s on your plate”

What did you eat today? Was it a healthy piece of vegetable or was it some tasty doughnut? Does it even matter? Yes it does. But how and why does it matter you might ask. That’s a very good question. We’re glad you asked. The answer is…. going to be revealed in our blog 🙂. But in case…

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