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A plant-based diet

Meet the team

Have you ever had a plant-based meat substitute? It seems that more and more people prefer this to a piece of meat. The exact number of vegans in the Netherlands is unknown, but according to an estimate by the Dutch Vegan Association, it was about 45,000 people in 2014 and 150,000 people in 2020. And we don’t even include the vegetarians and flexitarians yet. It is therefore not surprising that the meat substitute section in the supermarket is growing and McDonalds is promoting the new McPlant.


However, there are still plenty of question marks, and we’ll get to that in our blog about plant-based food in our “cheese country”. Is it actually healthy to avoid meat, dairy and eggs? And scientists are constantly improving meat substitutes, but how do they manage to make something from even fungi and duckweed? Are all the meat substitutes currently in the supermarket really good for you? What is certain and what is not? We will figure that out for you. Meet our team below!


Amy van Dijk


The first in this list is Amy. She studied biology and also gives biology courses to exam students. Yet after her studies she does not want to continue as a teacher. She prefers to focus on educational development, because then she can puzzle over how the many subjects in biology can best come into their own. Plant-based nutrition is another topic she’s been working on more and more in her personal life. However, it is not always possible to avoid animal products, so perhaps writing this blog will help with that.


Vincent Kramer


The next team member to be discussed is Vincent. He has a background in biomedical sciences and is therefore very interested in biology. He loves people and animals and hopes to convey some of this love with his enthusiasm. He is also always in the mood to explain something, because he wants to become a biology teacher. He will try to use these qualities to guide people in the world of vegetable food!


Lotte van ‘t Ooster


Then we have the organized chaos but enthusiastic biologist Lotte. Sometimes her stories jump from one to the other, but this is mainly because she finds many subjects interesting and loves to tell others her stories. Her goal in this? Especially making people aware of the world around them and how people can improve it. She is firmly convinced that awareness is the first step towards a better world. So when she finds a good and fun way to introduce people to a plant-based diet, she’ll make her stories about it a little less rambling.


Daan Tamminga


Earth scientist Daan spends his Saturdays in the vegetable gardens of a Utrecht local vegetable market and cycles fanatically on his racing bike. Healthy and responsible living and eating are of paramount importance to him. Based on these motivations, he orients himself on developments in the world of meat substitutes and keeps you informed here.


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