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The Circle of Life

Genetically modify animals to restore the balance in ecosystems

Ecosystems become unbalanced when local animal species disappear or invasive (exotic) species take over. For example, the increase in the number of invasive grey squirrels in the UK is a threat to the local red squirrel population. They also prey on chicks and eggs and damage trees. A recent study from Scientific Reports shows that…

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Power of global biodiversity targets

In September 2020, the United Nations reported that NONE of the 20 targets for saving biodiversity have been achieved. Why did we fail? And what can we do for the future?  Why is biodiversity important? It’s because nature is beautiful. – True. Because I like animals. – Of course, right. Everyone has their own reasons….

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Researchers predict the future of Dutch nature

While the world is struggling with the invisible Covid-19 virus, nature is dealing with invisible nitrogen gases as well. Nitrogen gases, such as nitrogen oxides and ammonia, are very harmful to the environment and cause various plant species to disappear. Can you imagine that in a few decades we might be walking in a forest…

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What about us?

The first time you probably heard about the ecosystem was when you were young, watching The Lion King. “You must take your place in the Circle of Life”, is what Mufasa tells Simba. The Circle of Life refers to the ecosystem where plants, animals and other organisms interact with each other to create a delicate…

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