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(Dis)Abilities in Sports

Overcoming Obstacles: Blind Assistive Technology in Sports

by Jamie Campos, April 13 2022   A pair of skiers glide down a hill, the guide in the lead looks intently at his partner, assessing her condition. As the hill rounds out, they continue to ski in formation and the guide barks an order, “Right!” As they come to the bottom of the 12.5km…

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The (in)visibility of disability

Coverage and portrayal of disabled professional athletes in the media By Mira Innemee, 14 April 2022. You can probably name at least one athlete that won a medal at the Winter Olympic Games in Peking this year. But what if I ask you to name an athlete that won a medal at the Winter Paralympic…

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(Dis)Abilities in Sports – About us

Ireen Wüst, Sven Kramer, and Suzanne Schulting are names that probably sound familiar to you, they are all Dutch professional athletes that participated in the Winter Olympics that just finished. But what about Barbara van Bergen, Jeroen Kampschreur or Lisa Bunschoten? Probably not, but they are professional athletes as well! In two weeks, they will be competing…

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