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A Gut Feeling

Thinking about your gut means thinking about your brain

Thinking about your gut means thinking about your brain   A recent link that researchers have made is that between mental health and the gut microbiota; the collection of microorganisms existing in our intestines. Researchers have shown that people suffering from depression and anxiety also had disruptions in their gut microbiota. But how exactly this…

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Less anxiety for autistic teens

How medication in the gut can reduce panic   Around 2% of Dutch children aged between 4 and 12 have autism. This amounts to 31 thousand children. Currently a medication is being developed that can lessen some autistic symptoms in teenagers. Even though this medicine is still in the testing phase, so far the results…

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Can eating barley prevent obesity in children?

Last month, an article was published in which researchers described how in people who eat a relatively large amount of barley, the gut looks different than in people who eat relatively little barley. It was previously revealed that these people also had lower cholesterol levels and lower blood sugar than people who eat little barley….

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What’s lurking in our gut?

The curious case of rising bowel cancer cases in young adults   by Katarína Balážová, April 4th 2022   The passing month of March marked the European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. It was dedicated to shining a light on Europe’s second deadliest cancer, which most often affects the large bowel. While European governments have been…

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A Gut Feeling – Introducing the Gut Microbiome

If we mention the word ´bacteria´, your first thoughts probably aren´t that positive, since bacteria can cause diseases right? Even though it is true that bacteria can cause certain diseases, some are actually important for your health and are needed for digestion. These bacteria live in your gut and, together with other microbes are therefore…

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