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Zoonoses: opening a can of worms

? Warm, warmer, sick ??‍⚕️

According to NOS, health care and the coronavirus have outpaced climate change in the ranking of important campaign issues in this year’s Dutch general election. “Understandably so”, you might think, considering how the small virus has drastically changed our lives during the past year. But what if I told you that even for topics such…

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New neighbors in the concrete jungle

These days, you can hear the word zoonosis everywhere: in thousands of news articles, podcasts, television shows, and often to describe the recent coronavirus that changed our lives. Like many pandemics from the past, this one started as an infectious disease in wild animals that jumped to humans. Thus, should we be afraid of wild…

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Infectious livestock

In 2020, researchers from Utrecht University determined that people living in a radius of 2 kilometres around a goat farm have an up to 55% higher chance of developing pneumonia. The cause of the relationship between goat farms and the increased risk of pneumonia is as of yet unknown. But other animals that we keep…

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What are zoonoses? (team introduction)

The term zoonoses is used diseases that are caused by pathogens like bacteria and viruses that have jumped from vertebrate animals to humans. In recent years, zoonoses have become more common, of which the COVID-19 outbreak is a good example.  The subject of zoonoses is thus very relevant, especially because it now also influences our…

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