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Plastic Pollution

DIY – Make your own bioplastic!

It has long been known that plastic pollution is a major problem. We have been recycling for years, but the amount of plastic in the ocean is still increasing every year. One of the alternatives is the use of bioplastics. There are a lot of scientists who research the best bioplastic, but what exactly is…

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Flip-flops are forever! Or are they not?

The myth of biodegradability Flip-flops are the most popular shoes in the world. Who doesn’t own a pair? But scientists at the University of California in San Diego are now especially excited about a new pair of commercial-quality flip-flops they have created. What is all the fuzz about? The clue lies in the material of…

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The dangers of the plastic “virus”

Plastic can be found everywhere these days. Even the oceans are now full of it. However, plastic can also end up in the human body. This is because plastic objects are broken down into tiny particles. Depending on their size, these particles are also referred to as micro- or nanoplastics. They are often so small…

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Our rivers are full of plastic! This is how we get it clean again

Every spring, the Clean Rivers organization, together with a large group of volunteers, counts the number of pieces of waste along the Dutch rivers. At the beginning of this month (October 2020) the results of the spring 2020 cleanup were announced. During this action more than 80,000 pieces of waste were found, that is 450…

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About us

Tons of plastic, everywhere. Science-based solutions and alternatives to environmental plastics. You’ve heard it, we’ve heard it: There’s plastic in the sea, there’s plastic in the oceans, there’s plastic all around us.  There’s so much plastic that you can find entire islands floating around the sea that are made of nothing but plastic.    Due to this so called ‘plastic pollution’, the price…

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