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Mirror neurons

Contagious yawning, is it as social as we thought?

Everyone knows it or has experienced it themselves. You see someone yawning and you get the urge to yawn yourself. It is often mentioned that when you yawn when someone else yawns you have a good relationship with that person. It was often said that contagious yawning has to do with empathy, empathizing with someone else’s feelings. Only is…

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The broken mirror in autism

We’ve all heard it before; what you see on tv shows is not real. Many popular tv shows have autistic characters, like The Big Bang Theory, The Good Doctor and The A-word. These characters are a reflection of some autistic people, but many experience the opposite. My name is Tamara, I am 21 years old,…

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Empathy starts here!

Laugh together, cry together

You probably know it, someone else stubs their toe and not only she but you too are shocked by the pain. Or when Mufasa dies in ‘The Lion King’, you as a viewer immediately feel sad. How come? Our empathic capacity is responsible for this, which ensures that we humans can empathize with others around…

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You know, your friend stubs his toe against the table and he cringes in pain…and so do you! How? We will try to explain that to you in this blog! The main ones responsible for this are our mirror neurons, cells in our brain. Mirror neurons make it possible to empathize with others, so their…

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