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Sustainable transitions

Developments in the industry are most often based on sustainability. However, most people in general don’t see the process of these changes, only the end result. And while the end result might be a different product, they don’t exactly know what is different about it. It could be the processing, transport, recycling, CO2, output, etc.  Our goal is to inform people about the scientific sustainability changes that are being made in the industry. To attract multiple different readers and not only focus on the scientific output of a change, the articles will present ideas such as changes in food, clothing, consumer energy sources. With this we hope to inform people with a general interest in sustainable changes and generate a starting point to spark a conversation.  

The choice of topics  

  • Insects (food) 
  • Meat from the lab (food) 
  • Clothing made from agricultural waste (beauty/ lifestyle) 
  • Bioscience with bacteria (science) 
  • Renewable energy in the house (science)

Meet the team! 

About Valentina Bravo 


With a background in health sciences and a passion for saving the planet, Valentina reads all the latest content on self-improvement through sustainability and shares everything she wishes someone had laid out simply for her in one place. As an avid story teller, she’ll make any sustainability science easy to digest leaving you with plenty of food for thought! 


About Luka van Groeningen 


As a former-social policy and -biology student, Luka aims to combine her knowledge to help solve societal issues relating to health and sustainability. Whenever existential despair hits about the feasibility of this long-term goal, she’ll redirect her energy on improving those piano skills or walking around in nature looking for interesting creatures. 


About Natali Kiristopuryan 


Natali Kiristopuryan is a mathematician and physicist. She worked as a teacher in different grades and professionally acquired how to hook audiences with creative and receiver-oriented content. She strongly believes that “sustainability is not a choice, it is a lifestyle”. That’s why she emphasises the importance of green energy and recycling in her posts. She informs her audience about current environmental issues such as global warming and resource shortages. Moreover, she guides them to change their consumption behaviours by offering them new ways of replacing traditional energy sources with renewable ones. She encourages people to imply a healthy lifestyle into their lives. She has a personal interest in creating not only healthy but also tasty vegan food recipes. Additionally, she takes online courses about the benefits of plant-based products on our immune and digestive systems. 

About Siem van Kruijsbergen 


My name is Siem van Kruijsbergen. I am 21 years old, I come from Rotterdam but now live in Wageningen. This is also where I did my bachelor Biology. During my bachelors I also received my second-degree teaching certificate. I love being a teacher and that’s why I would like to get my first degree in Utrecht. In my spare time I like to listen to analog jazz, rock, and blues music. Also, I like to cook, and I take care of my three beautiful tarantulas. 

About Jurrian Zandbergen 


Studying to become a first-degree teacher, Jurrian Zandbergen explains all things physics and chemistry to make some sense out of this world for his students. Known also as “The family IT guy”, he will sacrifice sleep to prepare experiments which either result in “wow” or “boom”, or both.