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By: Emma Bröring, Eveline Meijers, Stelios Stergiou and Mentko de Vries


Your everyday life is going to change in the near futuresuperbacteria are on the rise! Bacteria are becoming more and more resistant against antibiotics, the treatment of how we combat bacterial infections. These superbacteria exchange their DNA with other bacteria, making them also ‘’super,’’ thus resistant. This is a major global health problem which you should be aware of, because it will even affect youYour holiday diarrhea or even eating bad chicken could infect you with a superbacteria, making you a hospital patient in no time. Our goal is to make you aware of the dangerous future we have ahead of us. We will inform you about these threats, which will affect you. Furthermore, we will give you insight and educate you about these superbacteria diseases, including personal stories, and the upcoming solutions.  

Who are the bloggers?



I am Emma, a 24-year old, overly enthusiastic biomedical-researcher-to-be. Uncovering the world of bacteria and viruses on a day to day basis. You cannot see them with the naked eye but, some are deadly, which makes my battle to discover the right treatment exciting and challenging. My bedroom is decorated with microbe plushies, that is my level of enthusiasm about bacteria! After taking off my labcoat, I like to play (and win :P) boardgames or dance the Tango during the night. Hoping to excite you about the wonderful lives of bacteria! 



Hi all!

My name is Eveline and I am 24 years old. After high school, I went to Utrecht to study Chemistry. Recently, I shifted my focus from research to education, which results for example in this blog. Moreover, I do an internship at the Museon, an education/science museum for children aged 5 – 15. The aim of my project there is to design a lesson for the new ‘DiscoverLab’, a room where workshops and lessons about Physics are held. Although I don’t know too much about bacteria yet, I am looking forward to discover the world of superbacteria with you! 



My name is Stelios, I am from Greece and I am a master student of the program Science education and communication. I have a bachelor’s in Physics and some working experience in teaching. The world of bacteria was unknown to me but the same time so interesting and enthusiastic. I have had some personal research in this field, and I am trying to familiarize you with this unseen beautiful, but danger world. So, tie your belts and prepare for a trip in the bacteria-world! 



My name is Mentko de Vries, a master student of the program Science Education and Communication. I have a background in Molecular Life Sciences. During my studies I worked with bacteria and antibiotics several times and synthesized an antibiotic on the lab myself. I am both fascinated and terrified of antibiotic resistance, for bacteria are so smart to develop a resistance to the antibiotics. The problem is however that we do not have other proper medicine to battle bacteria yet. I hope the content of this blog will fascinate you more than terrify you about the world of bacteria and antibiotics.