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Oceanic Acidification

Swimming on acid: How ocean acidification affects animal behavior.

Once a very active little fish, Nemo now feels like staying at home more often. He also eats less and does not interact with many other fish. What happened? Ocean Acidification happened. This overlooked aspect of climate change affects many other animals just like Nemo. It is hard to say what will happen to them…

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Ocean Acidification: Can We See the Future?

Ocean acidification Right now the oceans are acidifying. This has major consequences for the animals that live in the ocean. This also has major consequences for us as humans, a large part of our food comes from the oceans. If less can live in it, some of our food sources will be lost. It is…

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There’s something in the water

Over the last 2 years, there have been a lot of climate strikes globally. Maybe you participated in one yourself! Roughly half of the protest signs contain exclamations about CO2, the most important greenhouse gas. The protests are about decreasing the amount of CO2 in the air. What you learn at school about the greenhouse…

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CSI: Coral Scene Investigation

There is something going on under the ocean’s surface. Something is making the reef weaker. What is going on? It is up to the CSI team to find out. With their cutting-edge science, they will get to the bottom of this. Come with them and find out about coral skeletons, sponges and the threats to…

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Climate change: impact under the waves

Topic introduction… You’ve probably heard about climate change, maybe you’ve even joined in one of the protests calling for climate action. The use of fossil fuels has resulted in more CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere. This gas traps heat from the sun, making our planet hotter. The effect: melting ice caps, more extreme weather, droughts, floods… you know the story. But CO2 does so much…

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