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Age is more than just a number: The determinants for aging

How High Can you Go: the Human Lifespan

Author: Bethany Dodds The concept of immortality has been something that has fascinated humans for thousands of years, taking its roots in early religions with the promise of the afterlife and reincarnation. In this time, humans have embarked on a quest to restore youth and extend lifespans, promised in myths such as the philosophers stone…

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Puzzle your brain healthy?

In January, The Lancet Public Health reported that the number of cases of dementia worldwide will triple by 2050. In the Netherlands, it is expected that we will go from 260.000 people with dementia in 2016 to 620.000 in 2050. The Lancet Commission on Dementia Prevention, Intervention and Care estimates that 40% of these cases…

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Age is more than just a number

Everyone wants to get older, but no one wants to be old. Because what does being old stand for? What do we think of when we think about getting older? Maybe you think of becoming grayer and fatter, forgetting things, or having difficulty walking. Or maybe you think of becoming wiser, strengthening bonds and finding…

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