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Sustainable products

Sustainable products

We are very excited to make blogs, knowledge clips and social media posts all about sustainable products! We’re an interdisciplinary team of 4 researchers from different fields, plant science, chemistry, biomedical sciences and sustainable development. We will focus in our communication strategy on sustainable/circular products. 



I’m Alissa, I’m 27 and I have chosen to have a science communication add-on for my master sustainable development (my bachelor was in psychology). My interests lie in how we can motivate people to think positively about the future and to work for a sustainable future, even though current day problems might seem insurmountable. Luckily, I have found a perfect place to learn more about this and do my internship: the Urban Futures Studio. The Studio questions how we can collectively think of positive futures together and try to stimulate people to think differently and explicitly about the future. 



My name is Jaap and I’m a high school chemistry teacher… Now I can almost hear you thinking… No, I’m not your average boring old sandals-and-socks-wearing kind of chemistry teacher. I’m a young and creative guy with a lot more interests besides the field of science and chemistry. The thing where I’m most passionate about is skateboarding. It has brought me where I am today by teaching me to fall, then to get up and to try it again. With this mindset I finished two Bachelors, one in chemistry and one in teaching. With my knowledge in chemistry, my love for teaching and my skateboarders mindset, my mission is to inspire young people in science so that we can create a more sustainable world for future generations.



Hi, I’m Iris, 24 years old and live in Amsterdam. I started my bachelor in Natural and Social Sciences because who doesn’t want to learn about everything?  

I chose to major in Biomedical Sciences, because I love the human body and how we are all made up of cells that basically do all the heavy lifting for us. If you have seen the programme of the Klokhuis, then you know what I want to do after I have finished this master. To educate kids on science outside of the classroom is a dream of mine. 



Hi, here’s Yihong. I’m from China and now live in Utrecht. I studied plant biology in my Bachelor’s, and to dive deeper into the plant and crop field, I came to the Netherlands, becoming a master’s student in environmental biology. During my study life at Utrecht University, I found I am more passionate about sharing knowledge with kids and students, doing the knowledge transmission and transaction stuff, than conducting the experiments. That’s why I chose the communication profile at UU, to learn how to be a nice science communication individual in the future!