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Our Life on Mars

Our Life on Mars

#5. Hoekstra, Hessel; Lentink, Martin Sven; Meppelink, Jojan; Schilt, Britte 

The first time humans set foot on Mars might be as soon as 2033! This means that the first people to set foot on the red planet might be among our current generation of high school students. As organizations like SpaceX set their eyes on the colonization of Mars, we explore what it takes to get there, and how to survive on such an inhospitable planet. We ask ourselves the following questions:

  • What would the journey to Mars entail?
  • What will we eat and drink on Mars?
  • How do we protect ourselves from possible alien diseases?
  • How does living on Mars affect our bodies?

By answering these questions we hope to take our readers/visitors on a trip from the first steps on Mars to an established community. We aim to inform our audience as well as stimulate them to think about what is important for humans to form a new civilization.


Hello! I (Britte) live in Amsterdam and have a background in biology and marine sciences. When not working as a bartender, I enjoy exploring the mountains on Earth through rock climbing. I am now happy to take the next step with you: exploring Mars – and finding out what kinds of food and drinks I can serve you there.

Hey! My name is Jojan and I live in Utrecht. After high school I studied biology and I am nowfocusing on how the immune system works. I love finding out about different times and places through reading. So, I am very excited to take the journey to Mars with you and see how life could be there. And specifically see if we could get sick from for example the water on Mars or that other life forms might carry diseases we could catch.

Hi everyone! My name is Hessel from Leiden. After studying biology, I started a study in science education and communication. I am interested in how life works, and I enjoy telling stories about it. I hope to tell you how you can stay alive on the red planet. When not telling these stories, you can find me hiking through nature, or discussing green politics.

Hey! I’m Martin Sven. I’m a nerd that enjoys subject likes math and physics. Last year I gota degree in Physics with a focus on Education. I’m currently studying Science Communication and Education in Utrecht, where I also live. When I’m not doing that, I like to play video games and tabletop games like Warhammer 40,000 and Dungeons and Dragons. When I’m done with my current education, I’d like to become a high school physics teacher.