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The plastic trash clash

Nature on a plastic diet

Recycling with the help of micro-organisms By Esmée Janssen, 6 April 2022 Last autumn, the very first waste processing plant to use plastic-degrading enzymes from fungi opened in France. This method is revolutionary because the enzymes convert the plastic back into the building blocks it is made of. From these building blocks you can produce…

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A soup of small plastics in our bodies

By Maaike Stok, 6 april 2022 At the end of March 2022, it was big news that microplastics had been found in human blood. This discovery by Dutch and Canadian researchers is the first proof that the small plastics can end up in our bloodstream. In this way, the plastics could end up in all…

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From plastic pollution to revolution

By Jeanette Morren, 4 april 2022 The first week of March was a historical one: aimed to end plastic pollution, representatives from 175 countries agreed to forge a legally-binding treaty before the end of 2024. This was discussed at the UN Environmental Assembly in Nairobi. The head of this assembly even called the treaty the…

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New invention mimics plastic dispersal in the ocean

By Emma van den Bergh, 4 April 2022 There’s more plastic in our sea than there are stars in the galaxy! This English slogan is about the plastic soup: the collective name for all the plastic that accumulates in the great waters and proverbially indicates that there is more plastic there than stars in our…

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The plastic trash clash – A new angle in plastic research

Welcome! We are a group of master students with different backgrounds, but with a shared passion: science communication. Our goal is to use all that we learn from science to inspire and motivate others. In this project we focus on a major problem in today’s world: the excessive amount of plastic, which causes global warming, thick…

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